IF THE Trump Administration Stay Out Of A Casino In Northeast Asia?

IF THE Trump Administration Stay Out Of A Casino In Northeast Asia?

The story of how Koreans became known as Casino Korea is interesting to say the least. Everything began when a group of North Korean entrepreneurs decided they needed to open an illegal casino in South Korea. Thus, the American Consulate in Korea attempted to mediate between the parties. Unfortunately, the North Korean government would not permit the US to mediate their dispute. Instead, the North Korean government threatened to take off the oil export to the United States.

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Because the United States was getting slapped with tougher economic sanctions on things such as weapons sales and help for human rights, their response was to take off all ties with South Korea. At the time, america had several military bases in Japan, South Korea and Okinawa. Furthermore, the Japanese government didn’t want to have america Navy near its bases in Japan. Thus, the military option was not attractive to them. In response, the united states did make an effort to improve relations with the Chinese government so that you can cause them to become help handle the situation, but that never really happened.

After that, the US considered its allies in the region to greatly help mediate the dispute. Initially, the Chinese did not take too kindly to the United States cutting off their fuel supply. However, China was also worried that when the United States was not supplying fuel with their Maritime bases in the region, then that could hurt the country’s economy. Thus, as a way to appease both sides, the Chinese wanted to host a casino in the North Korean port of Misan. Unfortunately, that idea quickly died off as the Korean government did not see it as being very helpful. The North Korean government realized that it might be better to cut off the fuel supplies to the Northern Limit Line than host a casino.

Meanwhile, the Chinese didn’t like the idea because they did not think it had been very helpful. So, they issued a statement saying that the behavior of the United States was unacceptable. They also stated that if america does not get these countries to avoid trading with them, they will send more troops in to the region to guard South Korea from an attack from the north. China has several trade routes through the Korean peninsula, also it was believed by most countries just like the US that it was a way for China to get even more oil supplies to market to its fellow Asian countries.

Now, with the united states not offering any help to North Korea and the Chinese unwilling to host a casino due to the risk of attack, all of those countries that have trading relations with the North come to mind that the North might use that oil pipeline to obtain weapons into the hands of international terrorists or put on nuclear bombs. There is also a rumor that the North might test a hydrogen bomb. The United Nations and the US STATE DEPT. have made it clear that they will not negotiate with the DPRK until it stops doing these things. Still, the United States is wanting to get China to take off oil supplies to the DPRK aswell.

Now, the question is, “Who could blame them?” North Korea has been sending shipments over the Chinese border for quite some time now. China has long supported the North Korean government, so that it would make sense for them to cut off that revenue stream too. Besides, who really gets the power to shut down that source 온라인 바카라 of income anyway? Sure, it will be a bunch of angry Chinese, but would they do it?

Well, the solution might surprise you. North Korea is actually one of many fastest growing criminal enterprises in the world today. They have their own army of conscripts that are trained to fight for the Kim family. They will have an extremely strong, yet corrupt country code aswell. Plus, they have their own money, of which they gladly accept and use.

So, it makes sense to consider closing down this casino, instead of negotiating with them. Besides, the United States is not particularly interested in having North Korea as an associate, at least not at this time. And we must also take into account that North Korea is their closest regional ally. Should they ever begin to hurt us at all, we would follow them first. So, it creates perfect sense to stay free from this and deal with the real criminals over there.